What I Know About Fishing

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Episodes 1 – 36 were made before an equipment update, thus lower volumes.

Episode 1 – Catch You Outdoors Podcast Trailer Sept 28-2021 In the beginning. I was bored after leaving an eleven year career in radio and thought I’d try my hand (voice) on podcast.

Episode 2 – Florida Mystery Novels – October 5, 2021 My first podcast and strangely enough, still the most popular. All about fictional mysteries that take place mostly in Florida and their authors.

Episode 3 – Florida Beaches – October 12, 2021 Ahhh, the beach. I love going with a good book, a fishing rod and a comfortable chair. Here’s some tips on gear and where to go.

Episode 4 – All About Kayaks – October 19, 2021 It took me 3 tries to get this right. First 2 paddle kayaks and then finally a pedal Hobie Outback. Some insight for those still looking for the right Kayak.

Episode 5 – Fishing Hodgepodge – October 26, 2021 Knots, soft plastics, rigging artificial shrimp correctly and the best castable hard baits.

Episode 6 – Boat Shows Are Dangerous – November 2, 2021 Yes they are. The smell of fresh fiberglass really floats my boat and gets a lot of lookers in real trouble.

Episode 7 – Florida Seafood – November 9, 2021 It doesn’t get any better than fresh caught seafood. I’m talking about fish, crabs, lobster and shellfish. Yum.

Episode 8 – Florida Roadside Attractions – November 16, 2021 I reminisced about the good ol’ days before the “Mouse” came to Orlando. Some of these special attractions are still there.

Episode 9 – Fishing Hodgepodge Part 2 – November 23, 2021 For the best fishing, how to handle cold fronts and other changing weather on both Florida coast.

Episode 10 – Going To The Movies with a Fishing Theme – November 30, 2021 All about the movies and TV shows that were filmed in the sunshine state. I was surprised.

Episode 11 – Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Folks – December 7, 2021 This title doesn’t need much explanation. Fun stuff for the outdoor person in your life.

Episode 12 – Public Service Announcements… Sort Of – December 14, 2021 All about fish handling, skin care while outdoors, rules and regulations and being a good responsible captain.

Episode 13 – Random Thoughts – December 21, 2021 An announcement that I’ve decided to move away from one topic podcast. It’s much more fun to mix it up.

Episode 14 – The ‘In-between’ Week – December 28, 2021 The week between Christmas and New Years Day is a busy time in Florida. Busy, but fun.

Episode 15 – Adventures In The Woods – January 4, 2022 A visit to Lake City for New Year celebrations introduced us to some wonderful wooded areas for hiking.

Episode 16 – Let’s Talk Fishing – January 11, 2022 The title says it all. A broad discussion along with a New Year’s resolution that I can keep – fish more!

Episode 17 – Key West – January 18, 2022 My first return to my favorite island after too long away. I pass along some tips for your next visit.

Episode 18 – Birds of a Feather – January 25, 2022 All about the many birds that populate Florida year round and the ones that travel here for the winter.

Episode 19 – Boat Drinks and Appetizers – with a very special guest – February 1, 2022 My wife, JoNell joins me for a talk about our favorite libations and appetizers with recipes.

Episode 20 – Fishing is Still My Life – February 8, 2022 It’s good to be in Florida if you are a fisher person. I’ve fished all over the world and you can’t beat this state.

Episode 21 – Outdoor Retirement – February 15, 2022 The good, the bad, and the ugly about retirement. If you spend the time outside it’s mostly good.

Episode 22 – Short Stories – February 22, 2022 My life has long been a series of short stories. I even wrote a book about it and an article for another book by my publisher.

Episode 23 – Random Thoughts Part 2 – March 1, 2022 A cancer update, a trip up to the northern reaches of Florida, and a visit to Lake Dorra for a fun Scottish Highland Festival.

Episode 24 – Fishing Stuff – March 8, 2022 Lots of fishing tips and why we all should own an air fryer. We finally joined the crowd and will never look back.

Episode 25 – The Accidental Sheller – March 15, 2022 I love to go shelling, but not on purpose. It’s mindless and helps me relax. Here are some places to look for the rarest ones.

Episode 26 – Gone Sailing – March 22, 2022 You guessed ti. All about sailing. I learned to sail before I was able to use a power boat. It taught me a lot about self responsibility on the water.

Episode 27 – Fishing Wisdom – March 29, 2022 More tips on fishing smart by using observations of winds, water movement and tides to find fish.

Episode 28 – Tropical Plants – April 5th, 2022 When you don’t have winter cold you can grow most anything, including orchids, tropical plants, and native plants. Here’s how.

Episode 29 – So You Want To Be a Fishing Guide – April 12th, 2022 No, you probably don’t after you find out how hard it is to do 12 hour work days. It’s not as easy a lifestyle as you may think.

Episode 30 – Random Thoughts Part 3 – April 19th, 2022 When I run out of titles and subjects I simply go all-over-the-place.

Episode 31 – It Happened In The Florida Keys – April 26th, 2022 While attending a Bonefish & Tarpon Trust event, I stayed at the Islander Resort, ate at the Lorelei and visited Windley Key Fossil Park.

Episode 32 – Keys Fishing Adventure – Florida Shelling – May 3rd, 2022 Fishing the Keys, shelling the SW Florida coast and attending the Fort Lauderdale airshow. There’s lots to do in sunny Florida.

Episode 33 – Onboard the Odyssey – Fishing News – Offshore Report – May 10th, 2022 At the Fort Lauderdale boat show I got to tour a research ship. My story and my thoughts.

Episode 34 – Exotic Florida – May 17th, 2022 Our southern fresh waters are full of exotic fish from all over the world. It’s not a good thing, ecologically, but it sure is fun to catch ’em.

Episode 35 – An Epic Florida Keys Fishing Trip – May 24th 2022 My return to the Keys has begun and fishing is my number 1 priority. Had an epic trip with Capt. K C Spaulding.

Episode 36 – Welcome to Waypoint Podcast Network – May 31st 2022 Yep, I got a new gig. I was asked to join the largest podcast network on the web, and happy to be here.

Episode 37 – Lake Okeechobee – June 7th 2022 The largest lake in the state of Florida and the second largest inland lake in the U.S. Go bass fishing there. It’s the best.

Episode 38 – Where In The World Is Matlacha? – June 14th 2022 A quirky little town on the SW Florida coast near Fort Myers. It’s worth a visit!

Episode 39 – Pier Pressure – June 21st 2022 Just about every kid that’s grown up in Florida has fished from a fishing pier. Many still do. Here’s a list of the best.

Episode 40 – Florida Backroads – June 28th 2022 The interstate highways and turnpikes are always busy, so take a backroad and explore when traveling. There’s so much to see off the main highways.

Episode 41 – Back To Nature, Florida Critters- July 5th 2022 This is about fish, birds, turtles, gators, and sharks. Where to see them or catch them.

Episode 42 – South Florida Adventure Pass – July 12th 2022 Several attractions in the Fort Lauderdale area put out an annual pass for places to visit. Take a listen!

Episode 43 – Everglades City & Chokoloskee – July 19th 2022 I had a great time fishing this remote area of the SW Florida coast. A couple of friends introduced me to kayak fishing there.

Episode 44 – ICAST 2022 Orlando, Florida – July 26th 2022 The title says it all – ICAST is the International tackle show for all of fishing, world wide. Here’s a few things I saw.

Episode 45 – The Bucket List – August 2nd 2022 Fisherman have a list of fish to catch just like birders and shellers. As a guide, my job was to find the missing links on the list.

Episode 46 – Art & Photography of Florida – August 9th 2022 All about my favorite artist and photographers of the tropics. When you can’t be there, its nice to visit their works.

Episode 47 – The Zen of Fly Fishing – August 16th 2022 Some basics, and my thoughts about how fly fishing is the next step in the world of shallow water saltwater fishing.

Episode 48 – Changes In Lattitude – August 23rd 2022 All about our move (finally) to the Florida Keys. It’s been a long time dream.

Episode 49 – The Motion Of The Ocean – August 30th 2022 Tides are a very important aspect of catching fish on both coast of Florida and the Keys. Take a listen and learn.

Episode 50 – Islands Of The Bahamas – Sept 6th 2022 The title says it all. A quick rundown of some of the islands I’ve visited from Nassau to Eleuthera.

Episode 51 – Just Fishing – Sept 13th 2022 Good friend Capt. Barry and I talk about once a week about fishing. It calms our souls and provides each other with some good tips. Here’s a few.

Episode 52 – Thoughts and Observations – Sept 20th 2022 The one year anniversary of my podcast. I can’t believe it’s been a year. Thank you for listening!

Season 2

Episode 53 – Tryin’ To Reason With Hurricane Season – Sept 27th 2022 A history lesson about the storms I reluctantly participated in over my lifetime.

Episode 54 – Too Close to Home – October 4th 2022 Hurricane Ian hit Florida just a week ago. The Keys were lucky. Southwest Florida, not fo much.

Episode 55 – Keys To Happiness – October 11th 2022 Living in the Florida Keys is special. Here are some ‘key’ places and islands to visit along the way.

Episode 56 – On The Water – October 18th 2022 Hurricane Ian update for the Southwest coast and a bunch of fishing tips.

Episode 57 – Checking In From The Outside – October 25th 2022 An update about the repairs and comeback from Southwest Florida after Hurricane Ian.

Episode 58 – What’s A Dagny? – November 1st 2022 All about the Dagny Johnson State Park in Key Largo. Great for hikes and a bike ride.

Episode 59 – What’s Around You – November 8th 2022 Some big-time fishing tips. Use your eyes to find fish by keeping an eye on the sky and the surface of the water.

Episode 60 – Fishing (was) Is My Life – November 15th 2022 Cancer got in the way, but I keep marching on. Some great fishing trips with a guide and a rental boat from Pennekamp.

Episode 61 – Working On My Tan – November 22nd 2022 A quick trip to Key West to escape the cool, cloudy weather.

Episode 62 – Free Dive, Snorkel, Hookah, Scuba – What’s the Scoop? Nov. 29th 2022 The many ways to explore the underwater world of the Florida Keys.

Episode 63 – River of Grass – December 6th 2022 All about the Everglades. How does the water flow and its importance. Book recommendations and how to visit.

Episode 64 – Tis The Season – December 13th 2022 My new book arrives, some good fishing and holiday gift ideas for the outdoors person.

Episode 65 – I Wish I Was Fishing – December 20th 2022 Winter started off with a bang and fishing suffered. But in the Keys it doesn’t last long.

Episode 66 – Tackle, Tackle Everywhere – December 27th 2022 A rundown of bait and tackle shops from Key Largo through Islamorada.

Episode 67 – The Overseas Highway – January 3rd 2023 Drive instead of fly from Homestead to Key West. Some history and sites to see on the way.

Episode 68 – Here Fishy, Fishy – January 10th 2023 Just a bit of what I’ve learned about fishing over the years. Superstitions, some tackle, a very old lure that works, and more.

Episode 69 – Cayo Hueso aka Key West – January 17th 2023 Some history and how to explore the southern most city in the continental U.S.

Episode 70 – The Blue Ridge – January 24th 2023 Switching gears. The Blue Ridge mountains are THE location for Floridians in the late summer months to escape the heat.

Episode 71 – Hosting Guests – January 31st 2023 Just some thoughts and tips and what both host and guest expect when they visit, related to outdoor adventures and dining out.

Episode 72 – The Good Old Days – February 7th 2023 – Sometimes the old fishing stuff becomes the new. I dig into old boxes of nautical goodies and come up with some interesting observations.

Episode 73 – Let’s Go Fishing! – February 14th 2023 – Seasonal fishing can be a bit confusing for our winter guest. We can fish year round in Florida, but many of our species are not cold water tolerant. Hopefully this podcast will help sort out when to fish for our most popular species.

Episode 74 – The Mixed Bag – February 21st 2023 – Every now and then I need to put several subjects into a podcast. It helps me clean out my note pad and also let’s me cover a lot of ground.

Episode 75 – Rules of the Boating Road – February 28th 2023 – I recently got back into boat ownership. I’ve been at this for awhile, but it occurred to me that buying that first boat can be a daunting task. Hopefully some of these tips will help.

Episode 76 – Combat Fishing – March 7th 2023 – This is one of my favorite types of fishing, with either spin or fly equipment. Close quarters around mangroves and pilings with big fish. Good luck!

Episode 77 – Spring Has Sprung – March 14th 2023 – It’s springtime in the Keys, time for fishing, festivals and of course, migrations. Yep, not only people, but fish and birds too.

Episode 78 – Saltwater Fishing Questions – March 21st 2023 – I’ve received a bunch of questions asking for more details about what fishing gear I use. OK, that will make a good podcast, so here you go.

Episode 79 – Dress For Success – March 28th 2023 – A history and rundown of the manufacturers of outdoor clothing. Everything from hats on down to footwear.

Episode 80 – Short Stories – April 4th 2023 – A few outdoor related stores from years past to most recent.

Episode 81 – The Fishing Learning Curve – April 11th, 2023 – Fishing the Keys has been interesting, to say the least, especially close to Key Largo. I’m always learning , so it’s time to pass along a few tips.

Episode 82 – A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That – April 18th 2023 – More miscellaneous ramblings of importance. This is pretty much how my brain works, so enjoy.

Episode 83 – Fly Fishing is More Than an Addiction – April 25th 2023 – This podcast covers what’s needed to get started fly fishing – rods, reels, lines, leaders and flies.

Episode 84 – The Southern Half of Florida – May 2nd 2023 – Simply put, I love Florida and thought it’s about time to talk about the southern half and defend it.

Episode 85 – Boats – May 9th 2023 – I get asked questions all the time about what boat to buy. That’s a pretty complicated question, so here are some thoughts and recommendations.

Episode 86 – Boat Food – May 16th 2023 – Boat food is essential for anyone that fishes the waters of Florida. Her are some tips on what works and what doesn’t, including favorites by Florida anglers.

Episode 87 – Boat Drinks – May 23rd 2023 – I’m on a roll. Yes, boat drinks are a big part of boating, both the thirst quenching and yummy frozen drinks. I’ll even give out a few dockside stops in the Florida Keys.

Episode 88 – Random Thoughts #4 – May 30th 2023 – Another collection of short subjects from my “ideas for podcast” notebook.