What I Know About Fishing

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Episodes 1 – 36 were made before an equipment update, thus lower volumes.

Episode 1 – Catch You Outdoors Podcast Trailer Sept 28-2021 In the beginning. I was bored after leaving an eleven year career in radio and thought I’d try my hand (voice) on podcast.

Episode 2 – Florida Mystery Novels – October 5, 2021 My first podcast and strangely enough, still the most popular. All about fictional mysteries that take place mostly in Florida and their authors.

Episode 3 – Florida Beaches – October 12, 2021 Ahhh, the beach. I love going with a good book, a fishing rod and a comfortable chair. Here’s some tips on gear and where to go.

Episode 4 – All About Kayaks – October 19, 2021 It took me 3 tries to get is right. First 2 paddle kayaks and then finally a pedal Hobie Outback. Some insight for those still looking for the right Kayak.

Episode 5 – Fishing Hodgepodge – October 26, 2021 Knots, soft plastics, rigging artificial shrimp correctly and the best casting hard baits.

Episode 6 – Boat Shows Are Dangerous – November 2, 2021 Yes they are. The smell of fresh fiberglass really floats my boat and gets a lot of lookers in real trouble.

Episode 7 – Florida Seafood – November 9, 2021 It doesn’t get any better than fresh caught seafood. I’m talking about fish, crabs, lobster and shellfish. Yum.

Episode 8 – Florida Roadside Attractions – November 16, 2021 I reminisced about the good ol’ days before the “Mouse” came to Orlando. Some of these special attractions are still there.

Episode 9 – Fishing Hodgepodge Part 2 – November 23, 2021 For the best fishing, how to handle cold fronts and other changing weather on both Florida coast.

Episode 10 – Going To The Movies with a Fishing Theme – November 30, 2021 All about the movies and TV shows that were filmed in the sunshine state. I was surprised.

Episode 11 – Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Folks – December 7, 2021 This title doesn’t need much explanation. Fun stuff for outdoor person in your life.

Episode 12 – Public Service Announcements… Sort Of – December 14, 2021 All about fish handling, skin care while outdoors, rules and regulations and being a good responsible captain.

Episode 13 – Random Thoughts – December 21, 2021 An announcement that I’ve decided to move a way from one topic podcast. It’s much more fun to mix it up.

Episode 14 – The ‘In-between’ Week – December 28, 2021 The week between Christmas and New Years Day is a busy time in Florida. Busy, but fun.

Episode 15 – Adventures In The Woods – January 4, 2022 A visit to Lake City for New Year celebrations introduced us to some wonderful wooded areas for hiking.

Episode 16 – Let’s Talk Fishing – January 11, 2022 The title says it all. a broad discussion along with a New Year’s resolution that I can keep – fish more!

Episode 17 – Key West – January 18, 2022 My first return to my favorite island after too long away. I pass along some tips for your visit.

Episode 18 – Birds of a Feather – January 25, 2022 All about the many birds that populate Florida year round and the ones that travel here for the winter.

Episode 19 – Boat Drinks and Appetizers – with a very special guest – February 1, 2022 My wife, JoNell joins me for a talk about our favorite libations and appetizers with recipes.

Episode 20 – Fishing is Still My Life – February 8, 2022 It’s good to be in Florida if you are a fisher person. I’ve fished all over the world and you can’t beat this state.

Episode 21 – Outdoor Retirement – February 15, 2022 The good, the bad, and the ugly about retirement. If you spend the time outside it’s mostly good.

Episode 22 – Short Stories – February 22, 2022 My life has long been a series of short stories. I even wrote a book about it and an article for another book by my publisher.

Episode 23 – Random Thoughts Part 2 – March 1, 2022 A cancer update, a trip up to the northern reaches of Florida, and a visit to Lake Dorra for a fun Scottish Highland Festival.

Episode 24 – Fishing Stuff – March 8, 2022 Lots of fishing tips and why we all should own an air fryer. We finally joined the crowd and will never look back.

Episode 25 – The Accidental Sheller – March 15, 2022 I love to go shelling, but not on purpose. It’s mindless and helps me relax. Here are some places to look for the rarest ones.

Episode 26 – Gone Sailing – March 22, 2022 You guessed ti. All about sailing. I learned to sail before I was able to use a power boat. It taught me a lot about self responsibility on the water.

Episode 27 – Fishing Wisdom – March 29, 2022 More tips on fishing smart using observations of winds, water movement and tides to find fish.

Episode 28 – Tropical Plants – April 5th, 2022 When you don’t have winter cold you can grow most anything, including orchids, tropical plants, and native plants. Here’s how.

Episode 29 – So You Want To Be a Fishing Guide – April 12th, 2022 No, you probably don’t after you find out how hard it is to do 12 hour work days. It’s not as easy a life style as you may think.

Episode 30 – Random Thoughts Part 3 – April 19th, 2022 When I run out of titles and subjects I simply go all-over-the-place.

Episode 31 – It Happened In The Florida Keys – April 26th, 2022 While attending a Bonefish & Tarpon Trust event, I stayed at the Islander Resort, ate at the Lorelei and visited Windley Key Fossil Park.

Episode 32 – Keys Fishing Adventure – Florida Shelling – May 3rd, 2022 Fishing the Keys, shelling the SW Florida coast and attending the Fort Lauderdale airshow. There’s lots to do in sunny Florida.

Episode 33 – Onboard the Odyssey – Fishing News – Offshore Report – May 10th, 2022 At the Fort Lauderdale boat show I got to tour a research ship. My story and my thoughts.

Episode 34 – Exotic Florida – May 17th, 2022 Our southern fresh waters are full of exotic fish from all over the world. It’s not a good thing, ecologically, but it sure is fun to catch ’em.

Episode 35 – An Epic Florida Keys Fishing Trip – May 24th 2022 My return to the Keys has begun and fishing is my number 1 priority. Had an epic trip with Capt. K C Spaulding.

Episode 36 – Welcome to Waypoint Podcast Network – May 31st 2022 Yep, I got a new gig. I was asked to join the largest podcast network on the web, and happy to be here.

Episode 37 – Lake Okeechobee – June 7th 2022 The largest lake in the state of Florida and the second largest inland lake in the U.S. Go bass fishing. It’s the best.

Episode 38 – Where In The World Is Matlacha? – June 14th 2022 A quirky little town on the SW Florida coast near Fort Myers. It’s worth a visit!

Episode 39 – Pier Pressure – June 21st 2022 Just about every kid that’s grown up in Florida had fished from a fishing pier. Many still do. Here’s a list of the best.

Episode 40 – Florida Backroads – June 28th 2022 The interstate highways and turnpikes are always busy, so take a backroad and explore when traveling. There’s so much to see off road.

Episode 41 – Back To Nature, Florida Critters- July 5th 2022 This is about fish, birds, turtles, gators, and sharks. Where to see them or catch them.

Episode 42 – South Florida Adventure Pass – July 12th 2022 Several attractions in the Fort Lauderdale area put out an annual Pass for places to visit. Take a listen!

Episode 43 – Everglades City & Chokoloskee – July 19th 2022 I had a great time fishing this remoter area of the SW Florida coast. A couple of friends introduced me to kayak fishing there.

Episode 44 – ICAST 2022 Orlando, Florida – July 26th 2022 The title says it all – ICAST is the International tackle show for all of fishing, world wide. Here’s a few things I saw.

Episode 45 – The Bucket List – August 2nd 2022 Fisherman have a list of fish to catch just like birders and shellers. As a guide, my job was to find the missing links on the list.

Episode 46 – Art & Photography of Florida – August 9th 2022 All about my favorite artist and photographers of the tropics. When you can’t be there, its nice to visit.

Episode 47 – The Zen of Fly Fishing – August 16th 2022 Some basics and my thoughts about how fly fishing is the next step in the world of shallow water saltwater fishing.

Episode 48 – Changes In Lattitude – August 23rd 2022 All about our move (finally) to the Florida Keys. it’s been a long time dream.

Episode 49 – The Motion Of The Ocean – August 30th 2022 Tides are a very important aspect of catching fish on both coast of Florida and the Keys. Take a listen and learn.

Episode 50 – Islands Of The Bahamas – Sept 6th 2022 The title says it all. A quick rundown of some of the islands I’ve visited from Nassau to Eleuthera.

Episode 51 – Just Fishing – Sept 13th 2022 Good friend Capt. Barry and I talk about once a week about fishing. It calms our souls and provides each other with some good tips. Here’s a few.

Episode 52 – Thoughts and Observations – Sept 20th 2022 The one year anniversary of my podcast. I can’t believe it’s been a year. Thank you for listening!

Season 2

Episode 53 – Tryin’ To Reason With Hurricane Season – Sept 27th 2022 A history lesson about the storms I reluctantly participated in over my lifetime.

Episode 54 – Too Close to Home – October 4th 2022 Hurricane Ian hit Florida just a week ago. The Keys were lucky. Southwest Florida, not fo much.

Episode 55 – Keys To Happiness – October 11th 2022 Living in the Florida Keys is special. Her are some ‘key’ places and islands to visit along the way.

Episode 56 – On The Water – October 18th 2022 Hurricane Ian update for the Southwest coast and a bunch of fishing tips.

Episode 57 – Checking In From The Outside – October 25th 2022 An update about the repairs and comeback from Southwest Florida after Hurricane Ian.

Episode 58 – What’s A Dagny? – November 1st 2022 All about the Dagny Johnson State Park in Key Largo. Great for hikes and a bike ride.

Episode 59 – What’s Around You – November 8th 2022 A big time fishing tip. Use your eyes to find fish by keeping an eye on the sky and the surface of the water.

Episode 60 – Fishing (was) Is My Life – November 15th 2022 Cancer got in the way, but I keep marching on. Some great fishing trips with a guide and a rental boat from Pennekamp.

Episode 61 – Working On My Tan – November 22nd 2022 A quick trip to Key West to escape the cool, cloudy weather.

Episode 62 – Free Dive, Snorkel, Hookah, Scuba – What’s the Scoop? Nov. 29th 2022 The many ways to explore the underwater world of the Florida Keys.

Episode 63 – River of Grass – December 6th 2022 All about the Everglades. How does the move and its importance. Book recommendations and how to visit.

Episode 64 – Tis The Season – December 13th 2022 My new book arrives, some good fishing and holiday gift ideas for the outdoors person.

Episode 65 – I Wish I Was Fishing – December 20th 2022 Winter started off with a bang and fishing suffered. But in the Keys it doesn’t last long.

Episode 66 – Tackle, Tackle Everywhere – December 27th 2022 A rundown of bait and tackle shops from Key Largo through Islamorada.

Episode 67 – The Overseas Highway – January 3rd 2023 Drive instead of fly from Homestead to Key West. Some history and sites to see on the way.

Episode 68 – Here Fishy, Fishy – January 10th 2023 Just a bit of what I’ve learned about fishing over the years. Superstitions, some tackle, a very old lure that works, and more.

Episode 69 – Cayo Hueso aka Key West – January 17th 2023 Some history and how to explore the southern most city in the continental U.S.

Episode 70 – The Blue Ridge – January 24th 2023 Switching gears. The Blue Ridge mountains are THE location for Floridians in the late summer months to escape the heat.

Episode 71 – Hosting Guests – January 31st 2023 Just some thoughts and tips and what host and guest expect when they visit related to outdoor adventures and dining out.